New Work
Understand what agile working means and which methods are suitable for which problem


What does agile actually mean? How can I apply agile methods within my team? Does working in an agile manner make sense for me at all and what is the difference between agile and conventional methods of project management? What kind of environment is required to enable agile ways of working?

This learn lab will help you and your team to get a better understanding of agile ways of working. Over the course of two days you will learn why agile working can make sense and which methods can be applied to which problem.

Day 1 of this learn lab will provide an overview of common agile methods and their scope of application. You will learn for which kind of problems Lean Startup, Scrum and Design Thinking are suitable for. You will also get to know collaboration tools and understand how you can immediately begin applying agile principles to your teamwork.


On day 2 you will work on a real-life problem in a 1-day sprint. You will be coached by experienced method experts in an inspiring learning environment. If requested, your coach will be available for further guidance and questions after completion of the learn lab.


Upon completion of this learn lab you can differentiate between various agile methods, you will be able to decide if and when agile working is expedient for you and what kind of environment fosters innovative work. You will have tried collaboration tools and laid the foundation for agile working in your team. During a sprint you will have tackled a real-life problem using an agile method and you will have a coach at your side who can guide you further in your daily work, if requested.

Your advantage: Upon completion of the New Work lab, you will get access to our Slack community for all alumni, as well as to our trend research. Exchange information about all trend topics regarding digital transformation across companies and industries with peers.


Open Lab

Open to all interested parties


€ 1.600 per person (plus VAT) for two days, catering included.

Exclusive Lab

Also bookable as an exclusive lab, in house, for your business. Customise the New Work lab with flexible, combinable content. We will gladly make you an individual offer

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Key facts

  • Target audience: employees, managers and (project)teams; relevant across industries
  • Location: At your organisation or on our premises in Berlin
  • Facilitation: LRN LAB Team
  • Duration: 2 days