Digital Launch Pad
Riddle me that: digital transformation buzzword-bingo


What does Internet of Things actually mean? What does agile working really look like and why does everybody suddenly work with agile methods? What is blockchain?

This learn lab sets the stage for you to understand the interplay between relevant future trends and developments, as well as their impact on your business. At the same time, this lab is Station 1 of the Digital Leadership Transformation Journey, which you can subsequently sign up for.

The lab runs over the course of three days and will provide insights about all relevant trends and drivers of digital transformation.

Day 1 presents an overview about all trends and buzzwords of digital transformation, like blockchain, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things. You will learn which impact the technological developments may have on your organisation as well as on your teamwork.

On day 2 you will learn about artificial intelligence and machine learning and comprehend how your organisation can benefit from artificial intelligence. Our designated expert for artificial intelligence Christin Schäfer ( demystifies in a comprehensible and hands-on manner the mythos artificial intelligence. Additionally, you will get to know agile working methods, collaboration tools and understand why organisations need to become more agile in digital times.

Day 3 is dedicated entirely to a design thinking challenge. You will learn when and how design thinking is used and your prototype will be tested by a real customer.


Upon completion of this learn lab you will have a solid understanding of buzzwords like “design thinking”, “agile”, “IoT” and “digital”. You will have an idea where to get started with your team and which topics may require a deep dive in order to get your organisation in shape for digital transformation.

Your advantage: Upon completion of the Digital Launch Pad, you will get access to our Slack community for all alumni, as well as to our trend research. Exchange information about all trend topics regarding digital transformation across companies and industries with peers.

Open Lab

Open to all interested parties


€ 2.500 per person (plus VAT) for three days, catering included.

​​​​​Exclusive Lab

Also bookable as an exclusive lab, in house, for your business. Customise the Digital Launch Pad with flexible, combinable content. We will gladly make an individual offer.

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  • Innovation leadership
  • Mindfulness & tuning-in
  • Networking & peer coaching


  • Agile working methods, e.g. Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Scrum
  • Collaborative tools, e.g. Trello and Slack
  • Agile organisation and ambidexterity


  • Visit of future labs, e.g. SAP Data Room
  • Deep dive artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Hands-on experience of new technologies

Key facts

  • Target audience: managers, executives and decision-makers, relevant independent of branch or industry
  • Location: Your location or our premises in Berlin, in combination with future lab visits to experience new technologies
  • Moderation: LRN LAB Team and selected technology experts (e.g. Dr. Christin Schäfer - AI expert, acs plus GmbH)
  • Duration: 3 days