Complexity Lab


Why do we feel so challenged by new technologies like blockchains, disruptive business models like AirBnB and the demands of the millenials? What does this actually have to do with the elusive terms "complexity", "VUCA world" and "agility"? And how can we not only consciously deal with the phenomenon of complexity, but even generate opportunities for our own business from it? After our learning laboratory you will be able to apply different strategies in dealing with complexity and thus react more agilely to the challenges of "everyday madness".

The laboratory lasts two days and promotes your understanding for a productive and targeted handling of complexity and the current trends and drivers of digitization. At the beginning of the first day, your attitude towards complexity will change. You go to our Complexity Journey and learn how you normally react to complexity. You will see that the diversity of challenges in our working world challenges us to develop a flexible approach to the most diverse forms of complexity.

On this basis we can experiment with different strategies for dealing with complexity in the remaining one and a half days and develop ideas together on how these can be applied in your daily work.


After completing our learning laboratory you will be able to deal more confidently with the uncertainty factor "complexity". You will have realized that complexity is only threatening if you don't actively deal with it. On this basis, you will be able to deal with the topic in a meaningful way at your workplace and with your team, as your attitude has changed and your behavioural repertoire has expanded. In short: You will think and act more agile in the future!


Open Lab

Open to all interested parties


September (Details to be announced) 


1700 € pro Person (zzgl. MwSt.) für zwei Tage inklusive Verpflegung während des Labs

Exclusive Lab

Auch buchbar als Exclusive Lab Inhouse für Dein Unternehmen. Gestalte das Comlexity Lab mit flexibel kombinierbaren Inhalten. Wir erstellen gerne ein individuelles Angebot.

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